Tuesday, May 1, 2012

From May Day to Mother's Day

Today is May Day, also known as Beltane, which is a spring holiday of fertility that celebrates all living things, including our creativity.  Whether we create a baby, sing, or design a business plan we're in the same energy of creating.  When we're cooking, gardening, blogging or designing we're tapped into that creative force.  Whether a woman has a baby or not she has a fertile lifeforce within her.  She is a powerful creator who touches people's lives with her nurturing heart, whether she is caring for children, her clients or her husband.

During the festivities of May Day, some cultures dance around a mayppole and focus their intentions on what they want to manifest in the new year.  Holding the intention of becoming a mother and seeing all the ads for Mother's Day can make May a particularly painful month for some.  It may feel that you'll never receive a Mother's Day card, get a gift at brunch or enjoy the homemade gifts that so many other women receive.  In many ways, being on the fertility journey can be isolating and this is one of those holidays that can bring up those feelings once again.  

This year, is there a way that you can protect yourself a little from the sadness that may come up over Mother's Day?   Perhaps schedule a massage or pedicure, spend a little less time at a Mother's Day Celebration or at the end of the day reach out to a trusted friend in which you can safely share your feelings and dreams.  You can also re-frame your experience and remember all the other women today that are dreaming of the day that they are included in the festivities too.  

I wish you a wonderful May Day and Mother's Day.  I'm so grateful that you love others the perfect way that you do.  You are a wonderful mother to many people and your acts of kindness ripple out to many far and wide.  Your perfect creative expression of you is a gift to the world. 


nonnietoni said...

What a beautiful, insightful, and heartfelt message you wrote. Thank you for the inspiration to live every moment to the fullest and simply to just be in the moment.
You truly are a blessing.

nonnietoni said...

Your thorough descriptions make me feel as if I am there, with you. Ahh, to smell lilacs and a budding rose in the fresh spring air!Mmmm, breathe it in!
Keep writing. You are gifted.

Jenilyn -Holistic Fertility Coach said...

Thanks Mom. Happy Mother's Day! I think I'll take a walk today to experience spring in Chicago for you. It has been one of the most beautiful expressions of spring I've ever seen here.

nonnietoni said...

Thank you, my Jenilyn. I appreciate your sharing that experience. I am so happy that you have such a strong connection with nature. It is as important to appreciate the beauty of nature as it is to respect the strength of it's power. Love, Mom