Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring Walk

Today I took a walk in Lincoln Park. I was admiring all of the beautiful tulips, lilacs and green leaves.  This feels like the longest spring season I've experienced in a long time.  Every day as I walk outside I'm surprised that there is still all of this beauty around me.  Along the way, I took a minute to smell a tiny red rose that was just getting ready to open.  It smelled so delicious. 

As I continued walking, I noticed this one tree had spread thousands of seeds on the ground.  I couldn't help but think about how it produces new trees with this strategy.  It's really fascinating.  It's also a reminder that even nature has to send out a lot of seeds into it's environment in order to make one tree. Sometimes nature even needs a whole team to create.  A tree may need a bird to eat it's fruit and pass it's seeds through it's little body to the ground in order to start to germinate.

Today, take a short walk, even if it's just around the block.  Notice the colors, smells and shapes of the flowers and leaves.  Be present to the sunshine warming the bark of the trees and your face.  Stop and smell the lilacs.  Enjoy the smells and colors of spring. 


Ricki said...

A great reminder to take in something from nature and just relax a bit each day! (I can certainly use that advice). :) Congrats on starting your own blogging journey, Jenilyn! I look forward to seeing where it leads you. :D

Jenilyn Francis Gilbert LCSW, CYI said...

Thanks Ricki. I didn't even see that I got a comment. This is an exciting day, and it's my birthday too! Thanks for sharing.