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Today with so many choices on how to become a parent it can be overwhelming to choose which direction to take. The options of infertility treatments, egg donors, surrogacy and adoption can leave one's head spinning. Even with all the facts in front of you, it still can be a challenge to make such an important life decision.
To add to all of the choices is the stress of feeling so alone on this journey. It can be painful to watch friends and family members easily conceive, close ones not saying the most helpful things and partners having a completely different reaction to it all.
Many of the great spiritual teachers share that the answers to all of our life decisions are found within. With guidance on listening to the wisdom of the body one discovers what next step to take. It is my belief that each woman who desires to become a mother will become one and that she knows the next step towards her dream. My role is to empower women to find their truth and uncover their next steps. I advise focusing on the vision of motherhood and releasing the how it will happen.
There are four options on how we can work together. The first one offers a way to meet other women experiencing similar life experiences.
SUPPORT GROUPS- fertility journeys are shared in a group where meditation and breathing techniques are practiced to release tension, worry and stress.
ADOPTION CONSULTATIONS- adoption resources in the Chicagoland area are explored, questions about domestic, international and open adoption are answered and helpful book and website resources are shared.
RESTORATIVE FERTILITY YOGA- a gentle private practice which creates a healthy body, mind and spirit for conception. Hands on healing techniques called Integrated Energy Therapy and Reiki are used in the session as well.
COACHING-See below for details about my services as a Holistic Fertility Guide.
What is a Holistic Fertility Guide? As a Holistic Fertility Guide I work with women in rediscovering their inner truth and strengthening and trusting in their intuition. I also support, empower and listen to women, individually, as well as with their husbands/partners, in private consultation.

I blend my expertise, in helping women to navigate through the myriad of choices in holistic fertility techniques, to support women on their journey to parenthood. Reviewing dreams and plans we compare options and work on creating action steps towards the desired goal of forming a family. As this can be a stressful time in a woman’s life, I use a variety of breathing techniques and guided meditations in the individualized coaching sessions to release blocked energy and stress, therefore allowing in more joy and peace.
My mission is to guide women back to their true selves and to teach ancient yogic practices which quiet the mind in order to hear the inner callings toward motherhood and to develop the courage to believe and follow through in this awareness.
Call 773-905-8703 to learn more about one-on-one coaching sessions, and fertility mediation/support groups in and around Chicago. To learn more about fertile meal plans visit my website at, www.eatarealmeal.com

Testimonials from Fertility Yoga Students
"Hi Jenilyn,
I want to thank you so much for the last few months. Your classes have helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I am so grateful to you. I do believe this is your calling. So, don't stop... There are a lot of women who you can help.
Please keep me posted for your future classes just in case.
Months later from Kimberly...
"I can't believe we finally made it to parenthood. When I look at my precious little boy, I am so glad I never gave up trying. He is just amazing!! Thank you for all the support you gave me during the difficult times through my journey. You and your class provided me with great mediation techniques that calm my nerves and made me realize all the wonderful things in my life. Fertility yoga was my outlet to deal with my emotions, and develop relationships with women going similar experiences. Jenilyn, you introduced me to yoga and how good it is for me mentally and physically. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I wish you all the best and hope our paths cross again.

"Thank you for all of your help and support and gentleness during this infertility journey. We are moving full steam ahead on adoption. I've started working on our dear birthmother letter, identified a lawyer, signed us up for 2 workshops (at the Cradle and Catholic Social Services) as well as been in contact with Lutheran Social Services. We've researched our adoption benefits at work, started an adoption folder, and begun copying documents. I also read that book you recommended and have requested several others. As you can tell, I like to plan and organize! Of course, I still have some anxiety that a birth mother will not select us, but try not to dwell on that too much.
Thank you again.

"I have really enjoyed the current class and really look forward to it. It’s like two hours of solace for me. I had miscarried two weeks before the class started and wasn’t really looking forward to opening up and talking about my experience. Perhaps that’s why I was so overly emotional on the first day and I just kept telling myself “I’m not ready to talk about this, I’m just not ready”. But opening up that first day was what I really needed. It increases the load that one carries if you keep it all in. I wish I had started the class when I began my first two cycles, perhaps it would have made coping with the experience a lot easier – and I would have found a better outlet than eating my sorrows away on a Portillo’s hot dog, fries and vanilla shakes. I’m not sure what it is with people with a social work background, they have this inherent good soul about them. Thank you for making the class and the experience so enjoyable." Anonymous

Hi! Thanks for forwarding that link and I actually wanted to let you know that I'm pregnant! I had taken your yoga for fertility class back in May-June and then I went through IVF in the late July/early August timeframe. Fortunately it worked and I'm now about 11 1/2 weeks along so almost into the second trimester. I'm now seeing my regular OB/GYN and had my last appt at FCI in mid-September. I really believe that your class helped me and I got so much out of it - I've been recommending it to lots of people too!
I hope to take future classes again soon (was waiting until the nervous time of the 1st trimester is over). When you have a sec, would you mind reminding me which classes you teach?

Thanks again for everything!

Hi Jenilyn,
I just wanted to thank you for an incredible time for the last few months. You are an amazing teacher and person and I feel lucky to have met you through this journey. Please continue to keep me on your emails and hopefully I will have exciting news to share with you soon.

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