Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Playful Way to Shift Your Anxiety

I read an article in Self Magazine a few years ago about creating names for different parts of our personality, especially our really challenging traits.  I named my negative self-talk, "Edithia" (sorry if that's your name).  She's nerdy,  anxious and always sees the catastrophe in every situation.  When she starts to tell me her opinions, I simply say, "Thanks for sharing Edithia." 

Although I know that my negative self talk is a part of me, it helps to think of it as a separate entity.  This practice, of creating a character around a personality trait, helps to separate my true self from my negative/worrying self.   When I give myself space from the worry I'm able to see my relationship with the problem at hand instead of feeling I am the problem or that I am the worry.  

What practices have you found to help you with your Negative Nelly's?  

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Tricia Nolan said...

Love the photo of Edithia! I can honestly say I have never met anyone with that name!

I love using the new tools I recently learned to tranform negative thought forms to uplifting, empowering and joyfully insightgul energies, all we have to do is remember to ask and then keep asking until all is transformed. What a relief!

Jenilyn -Holistic Fertility Coach said...

Tricia, I love it! Thanks.

Margaret Wellness Influencer said...

Hi Jenilyn, great food for thought here! I don't have a name for that side of me, but I do imagine a little girl inside jumping around voicing all the worries and anxiety. I tell her, ok, I hear ya, now let's calm down and work throgh it. Love the picture!!!

Jenilyn -Holistic Fertility Coach said...

Margaret, I love the thought of you parenting the little anxious girl inside of you. Jenilyn