Monday, May 21, 2012

Understanding Our Cycles in a New Way

Today I listened to a Ted Talk by Alisa Vitti, called Loving Your Lady Parts to Success, Power & Global Change.  She owns a holistic center in Manhattan called Flo Living, where she uses food to naturally correct hormonal imbalances.  She learned how to heal her body of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) with lifestyle and food.  In this video, she not only talks about her recovery to health, but she also breaks down the four stages of our monthly cycles. Alisa shares how we're a different person week after week of our cycles and how to use that to our advantage.  So, if you read my last blog about clearing your clutter, it sounds like you should wait until your luteal phase to get that done.

I certainly notice that I dream a lot more during the luteal and menstrual phases of my cycle.  I'm also more introverted and would prefer to stay home and watch a movie or read a book during that time.  Whereas, during the follicular and ovulatory times.  I'm much more social and energized.  Do you notice any changes in your personality or mood during the four phases of your cycle?


DukhNiwaran Kaur said...

Wow, this is really interesting. Its such an empowering way to reclaim our cycles and the way we are affected by them. Rather than pathologizing. In Kundalini Yoga, we also talk about a woman's 11 moon centers which cycle and affect our approach to our lives. For example, we are very "cheeky" and a bit flirty when the moon is in our cheeks :) So much to learn and share about being a woman!

Jenilyn -Holistic Fertility Coach said...

So true! Let's celebrate being a woman! Cheeky and all.