Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Beginnings

We are about a week into summer and I am reminded about the cycles of the year with the change of seasons, the days of the week and the hours in a day.  We're constantly moving through cycles.  This fertility journey is no different.  After every cycle ends in disappointment there is a chance to start again. There are times where it can feel so stagnant, as if the world is moving forward and nothing is changing in your world; no baby, no growth at work, same situations, same house...  Then suddenly something changes and there is an opening for other things to shift.  A sense of hope rushes in and all seems possible.  This beautiful sunflower image came from a blog called Have Fun - Do Good.  The image suggests you reflect on ideas you want to grow and ideas you wish to let go of.  What are some ideas/beliefs you want to grow and which ones are you ready to release? 

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