Thursday, June 14, 2012

Breathing Technique for Stress (which turns a little giggly)

I asked my friend, Lisa Espinosa, who is a Reiki Healer, Life Guide using Internal Family Systems and owner of Soul Haven, to demonstrate a stress releasing breathing technique last week, only the videographer made things a little challenging.  Ok, so you might have guessed that I was the videographer and I kept getting the giggles and this didn't help Lisa concentrate.  You can kind of get it with the last take we shot.  

Watch our several attempts at Lisa's demonstration of a breathing technique to release stress, hopefully you can learn it through the laughter.  As you bunch up your shoulders think of things that are stressing you out and then exhale them out.  If you find that doesn't work, book a Reiki appointment with Lisa soon, she'll help you re-discover that laughing part of you again.  She specializes in Reiki for fertility too.

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